Hosting Solutions

FX Web Creations servers allow for high customization, speed and stability. FX Web Creations servers use Unix based servers located in Australia. Some features of the high performance Unix servers include:

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Unmatched isolation and protection using state of the art 2048bit encryption.
Custom anti-hacking alert system.
Managed security including security-hardened operating system and applications.

Powerful Intel and SPARC™ hardware.
Ultra fast network connections via a Tier-1 Global Network.

State-of-the-art data centers.
24/7 monitoring of data centers, network, and physical servers.
Triple data back-up.

Application Features include:
SSL email encryption & PGP
Anti-spam/Anti virus programs
Domain specific anti virus protection
Mailing list support
MySQL, mSQL, and PostgreSQL database applications
SSL and other e-commerce applications and services
PHP4, PHP5, mod_php
FrontPage 2002 extensions
Autoresponder support
TWIG web-based email & calendaring
Multimedia Applications

Need a Domain Name?
FX will register a domain name on your behalf with YOU as the registrant. Be aware that not all companies will have you as the domain owner so its always best to have your domain name purchased through someone who knows what they are doing.
The team at FX can help you to register one or more domain names of your choice.