SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

The team at FX Web Creations has expanded our product range to include Video Explainers and Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Designed to get 5-10 agreed keywords onto page 1 of Google in 2-3 months, FX Web Creations will do the following:

Identifying appropriate keywords is the key to success in Search Engine Optimization. We have the Tools and Techniques required to identify optimal keywords and then make them rank on Google and Bing.

To find the optimal keywords we need to strike a balance between:

  • Keywords that have many thousands of requests to Google every month but are monopolized by organizations spending many thousands on SEO, and
  • Keywords that we can easily rank on Google but have fewer requests.

Our experts are skilled at finding and ranking a cluster of optimal keywords that in total have a large number requests to Google, but that we believe we can rank on Page One.    

Page Optimisation is key and by using Yoast WordPress Plugin that rates individual web pages SEO compatibility from Red to Green. Our technicians will spend many hours on each of your webpages to:

  • Ensure that each webpage has a Green Ranking.
  • Deploy special tools to Identify and repair problems that will cause Search Engines to downgrade your website.
  • Monitoring each page to ensure that the webpages adhere to the constantly changing SEO rules, making adjustments as necessary.

FX Web Creations will establish a presence on Google Search Console and set the parameters for each webpage to facilitate your ranking.

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed to predict how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. The Higher the DA, the more likely your websites are to rank.

FX Web Creations will:

  • Identify website Domain Authority and take steps to increase it.
  • Regularly add backlinks by purchasing “White Hat” links to your website.
  • Establish a Blog so that you can add articles. Your assistance with this will be important. In addition, establishing links from organizations with high DA websites with whom you have a business relationship will be very helpful.

FX Web Creations will register to establish a presence on Google and/or Bing Maps for each website. Your help in having website visitors rate your service at 5 will be helpful.  

We will establish a presence on Google My Business and obtain a Free Business Listing on Google.

We will setup Google Analytics to enable you to monitor daily traffic to your website, to access how long customers remain on each webpage and how many web pages they visit. You can then make appropriate adjustments to your website and its content.    

FX Web Creations will send you regular reports on keywords rankings and website traffic.

The advantage of SEO in comparison to Google Adwords is that keywords ranked via SEO remain at that level throughout the day, while Google Adwords disappear as soon as the money allocation for that day is spent. It can cost as much as $15 per click to your website for popular keywords. This means that with a budget of $60 a day you may disappear for the day after only 4 clicks which may not result in sales.

Our aim will be to get at least 10 agreed keywords on page one of Google within 2-3 months. Typically we achieve that in a shorter period.  

To mount an SEO Campaign as described above our your monthly charge starts at $400 per website per month.

Email, call or send a request via the quote request below and we can assess your requirements.